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At Seaway News, we value your opinion and enjoy hearing what our readers have to say. Not only do we want to be able to keep you informed about your city, but we also want to ensure you have the best user experience. We are investing in the future and making our site reader friendly.

We’re excited to be launching new features through Viafoura to personalize your experience and engagement with our content. All you must do is click on the notification bell to “start your personalization journey”.

This addition to our site is meant to elevate your experience by adding new real-time commenting features, personalized user profile and on-site news feeds.

This means, as a reader, you will be able to post comments, as well as engage with others by liking, following, and sharing the comments of others. Up to date information within our community shared with your friends…it’s a great way to share.

Your personalized newsfeed will display trending content, news alerts, live stories, community, and engagement activity. You’ll be able to see more of what you want… and even hide comments you don’t want to see.

So, if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for a Seaway News account to start seeing your personalized news feed and to start commenting on our content. You register online at or click the button if you’re on our site now.

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