Cornwall Fire Service unveils new water rescue boat

provided by the City of Cornwall
Cornwall Fire Service unveils new water rescue boat

The Cornwall Fire Service expanded their water rescue and emergency response capabilities last Friday morning, with the arrival of a new rescue boat.

The 24-foot Stanley, which will replace the 18’ Duxx inflatable former rescue boat, will be in service starting this week. Firefighters have been training on the vessel since May, completing Transport Canada certifications and practicing water tactical and operational manoeuvres.

“It has been a long road developing and improving our water rescue response capacity,” said Fire Chief Jeff Weber. “Our old vessel was way beyond its useful lifespan, and to finally have all of our staff fully trained and prepared to respond on our new vessel is a giant step forward for the Cornwall Fire Service.”

The boat, which is powered by twin 115-horsepower engines, is made of aluminum instead of vinyl or fibreglass, giving it a longer durability.

It’s also equipped with a front-end that can drop down into the water, allowing to easily bring in anyone that’s in distress from the water.

“This by far is going to make our job so much easier with the improvements in technology, the whole design and all the features of this boat,” said Deputy Fire Chief Matthew Stephenson. “We’re safer, faster and definitely more capable of fulfilling our mission.”

Cornwall Fire Service will use the rescue boat when responding to calls for service on the St. Lawrence River. These can include water rescues, boat fires, medical aid, and search response for missing persons. “It’s a very versatile boat,” said Stephenson. “It’s going to be able to withstand the waves and harsh conditions, known to occur on our waterway.”

The new rescue boat will be docked at Marina 200, with rescue crews arriving within four to six minutes of receiving a call. This unit will serve our community for years to come.

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