Cornwall SDG International Afro and Diversity Festival Launch

Paula Labonté
Cornwall SDG International Afro and Diversity Festival Launch

On Saturday, August 19, 2023 the Cornwall SDG International Afro and Diversity Festival held a vibrant launch ceremony to a large group of supporters at the Cornwall Civic Complex.

The event presented by African Colours Teninbia included several speeches from local community organizations, lively musical and dance presentations and a multi-cultural buffet for all ages. Festival President, Flora Cynthia Kra; whom addressed the crowd throughout the afternoon in French- her English translator Myriam B-Darveau by her side, shared the Festival’s mission of dedication to the richness of our differences.

Kra said Cornwall is an ideal location based on a demand for cultural diversity and the strength of our community partnerships. Kra an immigrant herself mentions the affordability, employment opportunities and the proximity to Montreal and Ottawa as important factors that will contribute to the festival’s success.

Senator Bernadette Clement and Ivory Coast Representative Ambassador Bafe Ouattara were among the crowd sharing their support. Both offered words of encouragement to the AFCO team and lead the room of supporters to their feet for a light hearted dance. A date for the 2024 festival has yet to be confirmed but it already highly anticipated.

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