Cornwall’s Downtown shines with Shop the Block extravaganza

Cornwall’s Downtown shines with Shop the Block extravaganza
(Photo : Jason Stenyk)

Cornwall, Ontario – Over twenty downtown businesses in Cornwall joined forces the evening of Thursday, November 9, to host the much-anticipated annual “Shop the Block” event. This unique retail experience, which promotes local shopping and expresses customer appreciation, was held in the heart of the city, drawing in a significant number of visitors.

The event showcased an array of local businesses, each offering a unique blend of products and services. Participants ranged from fashion boutiques like Love & Lee, Beloved Apparel, Echo Trends, DG Vintage, and The Squire Shop to specialized stores such as Life’s Little Pleasures and Kid’s Korner.

Additionally, food enthusiasts were treated to an array of choices, with places like Fairy Sweet, Essential Kitchen, Carrots n’ Dates, Tilly’s, and The Happy Popcorn, leaving an indelible mark on the community’s taste buds. In addition, the wellness sector was well-represented, with Pure Organic Spa and Laser Advanced Spa participating.

For those with a penchant for creativity and art, 125 Pitt St Studios offered a special treat. The event also included unique offerings from Tickle Your Fancy Gift Shop, Floral Expressions, Gordon Jewellers, The Skin Within, Pommier Jewellers, Black River Ink, and Dreamland.

While in a distinctive collaboration, Mellow Brew Marketing hosted various makers and artisans at their Pitt Street location.

“Having local vendors at Mellow Brew Marketing is a great way for us to participate in this annual event! The energy in downtown is amazing on this particular evening, and opening our doors to makers and artists is always well received by shoppers as they begin their holiday shopping,” said Karine Parthenais, founder and Creative Director of Mellow Brew Marketing.

This year’s Shop the Block event highlighted the best of Downtown Cornwall’s businesses, services, and artisans and underscored the importance of supporting local enterprises heading into the upcoming holiday season.

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