Cornwall’s first Night Market was a huge success

By ktherriault
Cornwall’s first Night Market was a huge success
Cornwall's Night Market vendors lined up in the parking lot on First and Pitt.

The energy downtown was palpable on Friday, August 12, 2022, for Cornwall’s first ever Night Market. The live DJ could be heard from blocks away, shops were open and bustling, and people were enjoying food and drinks on several patios open in the area. Vendor booths were set up around the Pop-up Shop Containers near the Cornwall Square and dozens more formed rows in the parking lot across the street.

As the sun set for the day, several of the market’s booths were lit up with string lights, giving them a special glow.

“YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! I’m speechless. Downtown Cornwall has never felt more alive, I’m in tears,” organizer Dayna Gunn said in a Facebook post.

“THANK YOU to every single person that came out and supported, the community really came together… and a HUGE thank you to every single vendor for joining in on this and trusting me, you guys absolutely killed it and a bunch of vendors sold out of product. Those of you that drove from over an hour away to be a part of this, I appreciate you more than you know. I’ll be replaying last night in my head for a very long time, until next year.”

Many people had positive things to say about Cornwall’s Night Market, which will likely become an annual event.

“Yesterday was like I was in a time warp back to the 1960’s,” local Mike Crowder shared on Facebook, “Shops were full, music was playing, and lots of people on the sidewalks walking to and fro. Laughter could be heard and there were even a few people dancing in the street. It was just awesome and brought back some wonderful memories of Cornwall’s busy Downtown area. For that, thank you Cornwall. We truly do have a remarkable city.”

Kudos to Dayna Gunn from DG Vintage for putting together such a remarkable evening!

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