Decorated painter to host local watercolour workshop

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By Shawna O'Neill
Decorated painter to host local watercolour workshop
Alan and Audrey Bain have been making art together for more than forty years (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News photo).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cline House Gallery is thrilled to have Alan Bain, whose exhibition is currently on display in the studio, host an introductory observational watercolor demonstration that is free to the public on Sunday, Aug. 18 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

“He is a master watercolorist with decades of experience,” boasted Tracy-Lynn Chisholm, Co-Owner of Cline House Gallery. “It will be fantastic to sit and watch him, whether you are a professional or a (new painter). His teaching is delightful; he has entertaining, lovely stories.”

Both Alan and his wife Audrey Bain have work on display at the Gallery, and both artists remain active in the Eastern Ontario painting scene. Alan, a retired painting teacher, is a member of various prestigious painting associations throughout the region.

Chisholm said that she thought this weekend would be a perfect opportunity for a demonstration during Doors Open, as attendees may travel from out of town.

“First of all, we will be doing some small watercolors, just little 8×10’s to get started on simple ideas. It takes a bit of concentration, about an hour laying out drawings that are correct for watercolors…then we will discuss brand new tech…which is painting watercolor on hard surfaces,” said Alan, who explained that watercolors have traditionally been created on paper, but are growing in popularity on harder surfaces like birch wood.

“Next, we will prepare for a larger painting…(learning) if you choose to go outdoors, what kind of equipment you will need to keep it as simple as possible. In the last hour I will work on a larger painting,” said Alan.

Alan is excited to help guide locals in trying a new medium of art, as he noted that oils and acrylics are most popularly used in this area.

“The accommodation and the work the two girls have done at Cline House Gallery is just excellent; they’ve done a great job welcoming us and making us…very grateful for what they’ve done,” said Alan.

To learn more about Alan and Audrey Bain, their creations and their accomplishments, visit their website here.

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