Earth week kicks off on April 17!

Provided by the City of Cornwall
Earth week kicks off on April 17!
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This year’s Earth Week — celebrated from April 17 to April 22 — is promising to be quite the event in the City of Cornwall!

Throughout the week, several free, informative, and exciting activities will be organized across the City of Cornwall to raise awareness to environmental issues that are being faced locally and across the globe. The week will also culminate with the Third Annual Eco Day on April 22, at Lamoureux Park.

The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will feature several environmentally themed activities for all ages. This includes an art area as well as several information booths.

During the day, the Raisin Region Conservation Area (RRCA) will also be hosting its annual tree giveaway.

The City of Cornwall will also be accepting certain recyclable items, such as batteries, eyeglasses, lightbulbs, printer ink and small electronics (nothing bigger than a bread box).

Mulch and compost will also be available for pick up — please bring your own bags or buckets.

The mulch and compost are the end products of the Leaf and Yard Waste Diversion program that diverts nearly 1,900 tonnes of waste from our landfill annually and creates a great material that residents can use in their gardens and yards.

“I invite residents to join us in celebrating Earth Week 2023. Throughout, there will be numerous activities to participate in, and opportunities to learn about sustainability and how we all have a role to play in protecting our environment,” said Cornwall Mayor Justin Towndale.

This year’s Earth Week will officially start with the launch of the 3rd Annual Spring Edition of Cornwall Gives a Shirt campaign. The goal of the campaign is to divert gently used textiles away from the City of Cornwall’s landfill and into local non-profit organizations while promoting ways residents can avoid wasteful textile items by avoiding fast-fashion clothing and mending or repurposing clothing items to extend their useful life.

From April 17-21, residents will be invited to collect gently used clothing, shoes or linen and put them in a bag with a “give a shirt” sign on it.

The bag should then be put out during their regular collection day, a few feet away from their garbage or recycling. Residents can also get rid of torn, stained or not reusable clothes — simply bag them and attach a “clothes for recycling” sign on it.

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