Habitat, Lauzon family break ground for new home

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By Shawna O'Neill
Habitat, Lauzon family break ground for new home
Ashley, Shane, Kyler, Austin and Hunter Lauzon emotionally thanking Habitat For Humanity on the day of ground breaking, Thursday, April 24 (Shawna O'Neill photo).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Emotions were high during the 14th ground breaking with Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & the Counties on Thursday, April 25.

The Lauzon family thanked Habitat and all community members involved in the development of their new home. Construction work for the home will begin on Tuesday, April 30.

“I know a lot of you said you came and saw the kids play, running and actually having fun with us. That’s something we haven’t really been able to do because we don’t really have the room to do that…” said Ashley Lauzon emotionally. “So, just being here, just being able to drive here, and step on this property…just knowing that we’re going to have a wonderful home for our boys to grow up in, and something they can share and bring their grandkids home to, and just to have this amazing opportunity…we can not thank Habitat enough. They’ve become more than just people who have given us a hand up, they’ve become family to us and we appreciate it so very much.”

Mayor Bernadette Clement commended the Lauzon’s for showing their emotions and Habitat For Humanity for all of their accomplishments in our region.

“I want to thank the Lauzon family…I want to thank you for helping all of us do this great thing…we are very proud of the community to have this build happen,” said Mayor Clement.

Habitat Executive Director Leigh Taggart said that Habitat staff are lucky to have the opportunity to work with and assist inspiring families such as the Lauzon’s.

“Thank you so much for coming here today. It’s the beginning of something wonderful…we get to expand our Habitat family with one family at a time and I can’t tell you how precious that is and how grateful I am to work with such a great organization,” said Taggart.

Taggart explained that the Lauzon’s will pay fair market value for the house when it is appraised. Habitat will hold the mortgage and offer an interest free mortgage to families over 20 years. Their monthly mortgage payments will be based on their household income and will never exceed over 30 per cent of their income.

“(Habitat For Humanity) helps people like the Lauzon’s, which is so important, because housing costs are getting out of reach for many people…congratulations to the Lauzon family,” said MPP Jim McDonell.

“I’m really happy and proud to be here…Habitat For Humanity is a perfect charity. It gives people a hand up…and everything that is associated with Habitat is earned….being a Conservative person, that touches my heart when people get what they earn,” said MP Guy Lauzon.

Before breaking the ground of the lot, Father Ernest Emeka Emeodi of St. Columban Parish blessed the land and delivered his well wishes.

Habitat For Humanity has contributed to housing 34 children and 14 families in our region. Contributions through fundraisers, donations and the Restore all go towards home local home development. Habitat’s first semi-detached home for two families will begin construction in 2020 in Cornwall.

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