Mommy and Me Paint Night remembers Lily

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By Shawna O'Neill
Mommy and Me Paint Night remembers Lily
Two of Lily's closest friends, Ella Geneau and Paesyn Welcher during the Paint Night (Shawna O'Neill/Seaway News photo).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Friends and family remembered local Lily Douglas during the first annual Mommy and Me Paint Night at the Optimist Club of Cornwall on Saturday, May 11.

Douglas, who battled cancer for three years, passed away earlier this year at the age of 7.

“Lily was all about fun, parties, treats…we always went extravagant when we had things or parties with her,” said Lily’s mother Nancy Ravary, host of the event.

Ravary said that her idea for the event tied in with Mother’s Day, as this was her first one without Lily. She wanted to celebrate Lily’s life and legacy with friends while raising funds for another family whose children’s lives have been affected by cancer. A friend kindly offered to instruct attendees on how to paint a unicorn during the event. Photos of Lily, rainbow decorations, desserts and treats were distributed throughout the Optimist Clubhouse.

Funds raised were set to be donated to a family who currently has two children battling cancer. The oldest child, 16, turned down a Make A Wish opportunity, just hoping that every other child with cancer could have their wish. Ravary took it upon herself to donate to the family, insisting that he has another his wish come true, whatever it may be, as Ravary and family enjoyed a cruise with Lily when she made her wish.

Ravary said her next fundraiser will be geared towards generating funds for families who travel out of town for cancer treatment, as expenses can quickly add up.

“We are doing another event in September which will be for the adults, which will be a wine and cheese,” said Ravary. “Because September is Cancer Awareness month, we are going to do a sign making class…donating that (funding) to families in the community who are travelling back and forth.”

Ravary said she can’t say enough good things about the people in Cornwall who offered compassion and understanding throughout Lily’s journey. She would like to thank anyone who helped her family along the way.

“In turn, we try to do great things. That’s what Lily was all about, really. She was about not being sad, not thinking that because you have something it stops you from doing anything…it’s just nice to see everyone here. They’re so fabulous, these kids, Lily’s friends. I think kids are the most genuine when it comes to dealing with things like this,” said Ravary.

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