More and More People are Choosing Cornwall

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More and More People are Choosing Cornwall
More and more people are exploring careers in Cornwall. (Photo : Submitted photo)

More and more people are Choosing Cornwall as a place to settle down. And increasingly, the thing that is drawing them to the Seaway City is a job.

Local employers such as Walmart, Olymel, Leclerc and SigmaPoint are investing in Cornwall, expanding operations and creating new jobs in the process. At the current time, over 500 jobs are open in the city, and that is a number that is not expected to decrease anytime soon.

“Cornwall has had more jobs that workers for several years now, and with more companies establishing operations, we expect hundreds of more jobs will be created over the next several years,” says Bob Peters, Manager of Cornwall Economic Development.

To help promote these available jobs, Cornwall Economic Development created a job board on a number of years ago. Updated daily, the job board includes dozens of jobs that otherwise would not be seen by a job seeker unfamiliar with area’s top employers. You can easily search the listings to find the job or company you are looking for.

Available jobs range from entry level to skilled trades to management positions and include all sectors including logistics, food processing, manufacturing, health care and government positions.

You can find the job board at

One common thread with these new jobs is the changing nature of the workplace and the exciting new directions local companies are taking – be it adapting new technology or entering new markets. Employers all point to their people as the crucial factor in achieving their goals.

“SigmaPoint works with some of the most advanced companies in the world and the Cornwall team has proven it has what it takes to compete,” says Paula Fontaine, Director of Human Resources with SigmaPoint. “By working smarter and using creativity and teamwork, we continue to meet and exceed our own very high standards.”

As Cornwall’s population grows, the nature of the workforce is changing as young families move to the area. Today’s workforce is more diverse and increasingly includes newcomers to Canada.

The pace of change in the workforce has been met by private and public sector employers who are working to ensure safe and welcoming workplaces.

“The labour market in Cornwall is dynamic and we are seeing local employers making progressive changes to the workplace,” says Geoffery Clarke, the General Manager of Corporate Services with the City of Cornwall. Mr. Clarke also has decades of experience in human resources with major international companies and he says the time is now to look closer at Cornwall.

“If you are looking to start your career, or are looking for a change, there is something for you in Cornwall. Take the first step and start a dialogue with a local employer. And with a lot of growth on the horizon, you can be assured that there will be even more opportunities in the future.”

Get your copy of the Cornwall Career Guide

In addition to the Job Board, Cornwall Economic Development has published the Cornwall Career Guide to help job seekers explore employment opportunities. The Guide has been updated and expanded to include more information than ever before. You can pick up a copy at the Cornwall Economic Development Office at the Civic Complex (100 Water Street) or download it from the website.

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