New Cornwall Library app launches

Provided by the Cornwall Library
New Cornwall Library app launches

Cornwall Public Library has just added a new mobile device app to its inventory of accessible, user-focused tools. The app which is available as a free download for iOS and Android smartphone operating systems from their app stores, is basically a mirror of the library’s online catalogue and website with added features on the app.

Users can manage everything from placing a hold on an item, accessing online media and resources, to signing up for a library program.

You can search the complete library catalogue using the app, and you can also scan and search book barcodes with your device’s camera.

E-materials like books and videos can also be loaned out or accessed from the app and opened in their respective apps.

The Self-Serve feature on the app allows you to scan and check out an item while in the library without staff assistance.

The app project was started in 2021 and completed in early 2022. It is part of a rebranding process set forth by the library’s strategic plan (2021-2025). In the fall of 2020, the library launched a completely redesigned website with added functionality. It received a facelift in 2021 as the library deployed its new library brand and logo.

Users can login to the app the same way they do from a computer’s web browser, using their library card number along with a PIN number.

The app went live on January 18, 2022.

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