New ultrasound machine at WDMH brings testing to the bedside

New ultrasound machine at WDMH brings testing to the bedside
(Photo : Registered Practical Nurse Sheri Desjardins and Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde with the new ultrasound machine.)


New ultrasound machine at WDMH brings testing to the bedside

Because of our generous donors, a new ultrasound machine on the Medical Surgical Unit will bring testing right to the bedside. 

“This fourth ‘Point of Care’ machine at Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) ensures better care for our patients,” explains Dr. Adam Jones-Delcorde. “Patients no longer have to go downstairs for the test, making it faster and safer, particularly for patients who are very sick. It’s much safer to keep these patients upstairs on the unit where all the monitors, nurses and doctors are available to watch them.”

The new machine also offers training opportunities for WDMH staff. “Staff will learn new IV insertion techniques which allow them to view the veins clearly and make a more accurate insertion which will reduce patient discomfort and enhance patient care,” adds Dr. Jones-Delcorde.

Ultrasound machines use non-invasive, high-frequency sound waves to capture live images which give us a window inside the human body. They don’t expose patients to radiation. Being able to see the problem clearly increases the chance of a successful diagnosis and that is why ultrasound machines are so important. An early diagnosis can lead to more treatment options and potentially a better outcome for the patient. They can also provide the patient with peace of mind knowing there are no immediate health issues with cause for concern.

The total cost of the machine was $72,106.30.  The first $25,000 in donations were matched by an anonymous donor.  “We have such a generous community and this is just another example,” sums up Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “Having the most up-to-date equipment throughout the hospital helps us to support the very best care close to home!”


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