OSPCA to transfer 100 cats from Cornwall

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By Shawna O'Neill
OSPCA to transfer 100 cats from Cornwall
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CORNWALL, Ontario – With winter approaching, the Ontario SPCA (OSPCA) and Humane Society are transferring 100 cats from the region to other parts of the province, in effort of helping our local shelter attain the capacity to care for more cats during cold months. 

Cat overpopulation is an ongoing challenge in our area, with a record of 70 cats surrendered in one day in 2017 to the OSPCA. These cats were also we relocated to affiliate shelters.

The number of shelter intakes in Cornwall has reduced from 655 this year compared to 1,031 during the same time span last year. The OSPCA has made an effort to reduce pet overpopulation, performing 57 space/neuter procedures this July as part of the new OSPCA mobile wellness unit.

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“Managing Cornwall’s cat population must be a community approach for it to be successful,” said Carol Link, Manager at Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry OSPCA Animal Centre. “Although significant progress has been made and we are seeing a reduction in the number of cats people are requesting to surrender, there is still a great need in the community. We look forward to continuing to work with the community to make a positive change for animals and people.”

Thirty local cats arrived at the OSPCA Provincial Education and Animal Centre in Stouffville on Wednesday, Oct. 9. Each cat will be assessed, receive a care plan, vaccinations and a spay/neuter procedure before being placed for Adoption. Over the coming weeks, 70 more cats will go through the same process.

For more information on adoption or mobile spay/neuter services, visit ontariospca.ca.

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