Over 125 Vendors Light Up the Cornwall Christmas Market

Over 125 Vendors Light Up the Cornwall Christmas Market
(Photo : by Jason Setnyk)


Cornwall, Ontario – This past Sunday, the upper level of the once-bustling Sears store in Cornwall Square transformed into a festive paradise. Hosted by W3G & Co., the Christmas Market breathed new life into the iconic space, offering a unique shopping experience for the holiday season.

The event, which ran for one day on December 3rd, showcased the talents and products of over 125 vendors and artisans. The diverse range of stalls featured everything from handcrafted gifts and decorations to scrumptious goods, providing a one-stop shop for all Christmas needs.

“Working with W3G and the Christmas Market always guarantees The Happy Popcorn Co. a robust turnout. So many diverse vendors always make for a large showing, and we appreciate the invitation to be a part of it,” said Bill Halman of The Happy Popcorn Co.

As visitors wandered through the market, they were greeted by the sights and sounds of the holiday season.

 One of the market’s highlights was the photo booth by Catherine Seguin Photography, where families and friends could capture festive memories. The booth was adorned with holiday-themed props and backdrops, making it a popular spot throughout the day. Local shoppers expressed their delight at the quality and variety of products available. From handmade jewelry and clothing to artwork and unique home decor, there was something for everyone. People appreciated the opportunity to support small businesses and artisans during the holiday season.

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