Paula Gray Sculpting Stone at Cline House

Paula Gray Sculpting Stone at Cline House
Artist Paula Gray at Cline House (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

Cornwall, Ontario – On May 11th, the Cline House Gallery featured an “Artful Conversation” with stone sculptor Paula Gray, who shared her unique approach to transforming hard stone into soft, flowing forms.Born in Toronto and residing and working in Cornwall, Gray’s creative process is profoundly meditative and intuitive.

At the event, Gray explained, “I enjoy making unyielding stone into soft forms. I don’t know where I’m going when I start. I look for a way into the stone and problem solve in three dimensions until it makes sense to me.”

At the event, she demonstrated her technique, showing the tools she uses to shape the stone. “I often discuss my creative process, which involves the physical techniques I use to approach a stone. That’s why Ibrought an unworked stone with me today. I’ll demonstrate the tools I use,” Gray explained.

Inspired by the natural landscapes of the Laurentian Mountains and Lake Superior, Gray’s work reflects her deep connection to nature and her personal journey.

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