Protests Against Health Care Privatization

Protests Against Health Care Privatization
Elaine MacDonald addresses the crowd (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

On May 30, a protest occurred in Cornwall, joining a series of demonstrations across Ontario opposing the Ford government’s health care privatization and hospital closures. The Ontario Health Coalition organized the protest to highlight the urgent threat to public health care.

Gathering at 4 p.m. outside MPP Nolan Quinn’s office, protestors voiced their concerns over privatization and user fees. Louise Lanctot, Co-Chair of the Cornwall Health Coalition, emphasized, “Health care is the most important thing on Ontario people’s minds… They need a doctor and medical care.”

Elaine MacDonald, a Co-Chair, addressed the crowd, stating, “Our public healthcare rights are fragile, and promises from 2018 have been broken. We are here to demand quality, public health care.” Duringthe march and speeches, many cars passing by honked in solidarity. The Ontario Health Coalition continues to fight against these changes, advocating for a moratorium on hospital closures and a halt to privatization efforts.

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