Rare solar eclipse

City of Cornwall
Rare solar eclipse
(Photo : City of Cornwall)
On April 8th 2024, the City of Cornwall will be in the ‘path of totality’ for a rare solar eclipse. The next is not expected for another 80+ years! 🌒
On the 8th, darkness will fall over our area for 3 minutes at approximately 3:24pm. While this is a spectacular celestial event, it comes with risk. During total darkness – and immediately before and after – looking at the sun can damage your eyesight – perhaps permanently. Proper eye protection is crucial.
Safe solar viewing requires more than plain old sunglasses. 🕶️
So, what can you do to mitigate risk?
Shop for proper eye protection, items that are ISO 12312-2 certified. There are limited quantities of ISO-certified eyewear for sale at the Aquatic Centre and the Benson Centre. Safe, certified eyewear may also be available online. We advise that you only purchase ISO-certified eyewear from reputable sources.
Stay tuned for more information regarding this historic event in Cornwall! We’ll be sharing ideas for at-home celebrations, details of a public celebration held at Lamoureux Park, links to livesteams of the eclipse and more coming over the next two weeks!  🌒
Visit our Eclipse web page for more details:
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