RBC Generous Donation: A New Beginning for Cornwall’s Most Vulnerable

RBC Generous Donation: A New Beginning for Cornwall’s Most Vulnerable

ACFO SDG is proud to announce a substantial donation of $20,000 from RBC, a contribution that will build bridges of hope and solidarity in our community.

This generous donation will go directly to ACFO SDG’s Carrefour Immigration Crossroads project, which is working tirelessly to put a smile back on the face of the school’s eco-responsible social economy initiative, La Friperie. The Friperie is a beacon of hope, an initiative in which inter-agency cooperation, youth involvement, product recycling and solidarity play a predominant role.

“Since its inception, the Friperie has been dedicated to helping the most vulnerable members of our community, especially those on limited incomes and immigrants new to the region, by providing them with essential products free of charge. At a +me when unity and solidarity are more important than ever, this contribution from RBC reinforces our mission to build a more inclusive and supportive community,” says ACFO SDG representative Jasmine Bernier.

RBC’s collaboration comes at a crucial time, making it possible to extend the Carrefour Immigration

Crossroads project until March 31. This project, which began in 2021, has already initiated various activities focused on improving community support for immigration service providers and their beneficiaries, including refugees and asylum seekers. With a rich history of initiatives aimed at harmoniously integrating newcomers, ACFO SDG continues to chart paths forward by actively engaging in food security projects, organizing clothing and furniture donation drives, and providing direct support to displaced individuals.

RBC firmly believes in giving back to the community and supporting projects that make a real difference to people’s lives. The entire community is invited to join RBC in this humanitarian initiative, to forge stronger bonds and create a society where everyone finds their place and prospers.

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