Seaway News Celebrating 38 Years

Seaway News
Seaway News Celebrating 38 Years
Downtown business leaders Stacia Carlton, Hassan Rafiei, Martha Woods, Andre Pommier and Angela Bero look through the pages of Seaway News with publisher Rick Shaver. Seaway News is now celebrating its 39th year serving Cornwall and Area.

Seaway News is now starting its 39th year. For 38 years Seaway News has been delivered to your door in Cornwall and SDG, bringing you news stories, events, obituaries, advertising plus much more.

Delivered weekly in Cornwall with pick up boxes in SDG (plus full distribution 3rd week every month) we still get the message out to the readers. Combined with the web site, news can be delivered daily. This year we also celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Cornwall Living, another success story produced by us.

“Investments take time, but we are now more than print.” says General Manager/Publisher Rick Shaver, who for the past 38 years has been creating and developing products to expand the Seaway name.

Today, we have a weekly newspaper; a magazine division that produces feature content in high quality magazines like Cornwall Living, and our web site

We stay in touch with the community with locally written stories plus the submission from columnists through the area and creating content that is reflective of our community.

Equally important is the service that we provide our local businesses. We believe in our communities, and we believe in shopping locally. What better place to promote your business than with a local media company that has over 38 years of experience and offers many different solutions.

Like the way we deliver news, the way we advertise has also evolved over the past three and a half decades.

Seaway News is part of the communities of Cornwall, Akwesasne and SD&G and you can see it on every page we publish, whether it be in our newspaper, magazines or online.

Seaway News will continue to grow, continue to invest in products and communities. We are local community people working for our local businesses.

Celebrating our 38 anniversary with great staff, columnists, contributors, cartoonist and advertisers. Seaway News will continue to be around for many more years. Let us know if you have a story to tell, a birthday or anniversary to celebrate, a quick letter to the editor or need some advertising. We are here to help our community. Thank you for your continued support.

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