The Amalgam Theatre returns to the Seaway Valley Theatre

Nick Laurin
The Amalgam Theatre returns to the Seaway Valley Theatre
L'Amalgame Theater production in rehearsal. Submitted Photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – L’Amalgame Theatre returns to the stage with Michel Tremblay’s Albertine en Cinq Temps.

The show will be presented at the Seaway Valley Theatre, 30 E. 6th Street, on Friday and Saturday, March 25 and 26, and Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2 at 7:00 pm.

There will be matinee performances on Sunday, March 28 and Sunday, April 3 at 2:00 pm.

The Cornwall French Theatre and Arts Amalgam is an independent arts group that has developed many community partnerships and collaborations over the years.

“We have used various performance spaces over the years. For this production, the Seaway Valley Theater invited us to visit their new theater and generously offered to rent their space to L’Amalgame,” reads a release from Amalgame.

Casting and production of Albertine began in the fall of 2019. Initial performance dates were scheduled for spring 2020. Due to closures and restrictions and the unavailability of performance space at local venues, the show had to be canceled and rescheduled for early spring 2021, then canceled again.

There have been some casting changes over the months as some of the performers have had to leave due to new commitments.

“Our rehearsals with the current cast took place in person from September to December 2021 and then, due to restrictions, on Zoom. Since the end of February, the cast has been meeting in person and occasionally on Zoom when circumstances such as inclement weather or contact with COVID make it necessary,” reads a statement from Amalgam.

The Amalgame des Arts et du Théâtre Français de Cornwall has been busy with a few online projects over the past two years, involving members of their in-house writing group les écriLIBRistES, the Théâtre de L’Amalgame and partners such as ACFO and La Caisse Dejardins.

These projects include an online celebration of Solstice and St. John’s Day in June 2021, with readings of original works and poems and performances via Zoom; Les Soirées Littéraires, a series of four original short stories by local authors published by David’s Publishing in a collection of literary works written by and about Francophones who grew up in Eastern Ontario, entitled Raconter l’Est ontarien. Raconter l’Est ontarien, collective – Les Éditions David

The new recording will be made available to seniors as a series of recorded episodes and will be accessible by calling a telephone line.

“The project will also include online voice workshops. Other members have also been involved with Théâtre Action in writing, directing and performing an online group play Musée de l’imaginaire de l’Ontario français,” reads a statement from Amalgame.

“Unfortunately, our choir, Chœur en fête, and our book club, Les milles feuilles, have been put on hold, but we plan to meet in person soon,” reads a statement from Amalgame.

Admission is $25 and tickets are available by calling (613) 362-0931, or by visiting

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