U13A Cornwall Typhoons Celebrated at Beyond21

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
U13A Cornwall Typhoons Celebrated at Beyond21
(Photo : Krystine Therriault/Seaway News)

Beyond21 held a celebration for the U13A Cornwall Typhoons at their hub on March 23rd.  The event was organized to thank the girls’ hockey team (along with their coaches and parents) for coming together to win the Good Deeds Cup and $100,000 for Beyond21.

It was the first celebration in their new location at 1924 Pitt St.

“We are very excited with this team and what they have done. This generosity has just been remarkable,” said Beyond21’s founder, Tish Humphries, “These young ladies and their families and their coaches deserve tremendous kudos because they are leaders in our community at a very young age.”

Beyond21 started when Humphries’ youngest daughter, Emma, turned 18 and she realized that there would be no future for her when she left the school system. After inquiring with other families, Humphries learned that were all going through the same isolating experience, realizing that their adult children would have no friends and nowhere to go.

Twelve years later, Beyond21 is a registered not-for-profit charity shaping the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. They now support approximately 50 families, with 40 on a waiting list.

When asked what they have planned for the $100,000, Humphries told Seaway News that they have two priorities: a new roof (not an inexpensive project for an 8,000 square foot building) and to reduce their waitlist so they can help more families.

“If somebody would have told me in January that a group of 13-year-old hockey players would be giving Beyond21 the gift of 100,000 dollars this year I would have fallen off my chair,” said Beyond21’s executive director, Donna MacGillivray, “Thank you, Cornwall Typhoons for the work you have done in our community. You have spread so much positivity in our community and cheer over the last few weeks.”

The party was attended by several dignitaries, including representatives from the offices of Eric Duncan and Nolan Quinn, who could not attend personally. Mayor Justin Towndale was present at the event and brought along the City of Cornwall’s Book of Recognition for players to sign.

“Congratulations to the Cornwall Typhoons for everything you have done. You’ve put us on the map. You’re showing what our community is capable of. Cornwall is a very giving and caring community and you’ve been reinforcing this and setting the example, not just for us, not just for Ontario, but for the entire country and that is something to absolutely be proud of,” said Mayor Justin Towndale.

When asked how it felt when they won, members of the U13A Cornwall Typhoons shared that they all had a good feeling it was going to happen. Most of all, they were happy to support an organization that encourages people to be the best version of themselves.

“We felt really happy and excited about it. We’re just so proud of how everybody in our community helped out and tried their best to do the most good deeds they could,” said Mackenzie Lauzon.

“It was exciting. We put a lot of effort into all the good deeds and all the challenges we had to do. It was nice to win and be able to give 100,000 to Beyond21. It was fun to do good deeds for the community,” added Milly White.

Among several to give speeches that night were the girls’ coaches Tracy Zettler and Courtney Lauzon.

“Girls, you are remarkable. There is no doubt that this will go down in Cornwall Girls Hockey Association history as one of the most remarkable seasons this association has seen,” said Lauzon through tears.

Zettler shared that the players participating in the Good Deeds Cup was part of her seasonal plan.

“It was important to me that my players take the skills that they learn on the ice of teamwork, discipline, respect, and compassion and translate these values in their personal lives,” she said.

Addressing the girls’ Tracy added, “Your unbelievable impact will help the Beyond21 charity achieve their goal to impower adults with developmental disabilities. Never forget the difference you made in your community and continue to do as much good as possible.”

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