Visitor restrictions remain in place at CCH, here’s why:

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Visitor restrictions remain in place at CCH, here’s why:


Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) is currently in moderate visitor restrictions as part of the hospital’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

During moderate visitor restrictions, most inpatients can identify up to 2 fully vaccinated essential visitors/care partners for scheduled visits (maximum of 1 visitor per day).

Moderate visitor restrictions are the hospital’s mid-tier level restrictions between low and full. These restrictions are in place to protect our staff, physicians and vulnerable patients. These restrictions are based on infection control guidance provided by the provincial government, and are consistent with those in place at regional hospitals.

Our teams meet frequently to review our policies, as well as: updated guidance and best practice; policies at other hospitals; and the COVID-19 prevalence in the community. Over the course of the pandemic, our visitor restrictions have fluctuated based on the above criteria.

As we navigate through the challenges of a sixth wave, our teams, regional partners and public health officials believe these restrictions to be necessary to protect staff, physicians and patients.

However, CCH recognizes that there may be circumstances in which additional family or caregiver presence may be required for compassionate or exceptional reasons, which may include: accompanying or staying with minors under the age of 18; visiting patients at end-of-life; or other circumstances requiring family presence as determined with the care team.

We also understand that infection control measures including visitor restrictions at the hospital may be frustrating, especially as the rest of the community begins to move beyond the pandemic. However, hospitals are unique, high-risk settings. Unlike restaurants, shopping malls or gyms, hundreds of high-risk and vulnerable patients are being treated under one roof at any given time at CCH, making these infection control measures all more important.

Our visitation and screening staff are doing their very best to work with every patient, caregiver and family to curate updated visitation lists, accommodate exceptional circumstances, or ensure patients can be escorted by caregivers.

We understand the process isn’t perfect and sometimes it can be challenging and may seem complicated. For instance, if a patient is discharged and readmitted, they are entitled to review who they want on their visitation list. Further complicating matters is that every patient’s personal situation and family dynamic can be different and unique. Regardless, we are always looking to ensure this process is seamless, transparent, easy and fair for our patients and their families.

CCH will continue to review our visitation policies to ensure we can protect our staff, physicians and patients, while also remaining compassionate in our approach and consistent with our partners. In the meantime, we thank the community for its understanding, and like most of you, we look forward to the day in which we can safely welcome more visitors and caregivers.

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