$13 Million Dollars +++!

provided by Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation
$13 Million Dollars +++!
Construction of the new Dundas Manor is well underway. The WDMH Foundation’s campaign to raise $18 million will continue alongside the construction of the new home. (Photo : submitted photo)

Drumroll please! We are so excited to report that the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care Campaign for the new Dundas Manor has passed the $13 million mark. In fact, our generous communities have given $13,354,446.00! That’s 74% of our goal! Woohoo!

Construction is underway on the new home and the campaign continues right alongside this work. “Even though construction has started, the Foundation team will be hard at work until all $18 million is raised for the new home,” explains WDMH Foundation Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who have supported the campaign so far. And thank you to everyone who is considering making a gift. We can’t wait to chat with you!”



The new Dundas Manor is much more than just a new building – it will be a beautiful home for our community. It will give residents more privacy. It will add 30 more beds for more residents. It will keep families together even though they are living apart. It will give every resident a window. It will add more dining space and eliminate hallway dining. And the list goes on and on.

“I am so excited for everyone connected to Dundas Manor, but especially for Dundas Manor residents, families, staff and volunteers,” sums up Kristen Casselman. “And please remember, this dream is only coming true because of people like you!”

For more details about the Dundas Manor campaign, please visit www.dundasmanordream.ca or contact the WDMH Foundation team at 613-774-2422 ext.  6169. To chat about how you can help fundraise for Dundas Manor, please contact Cindy Ault Peters at 343-572-6345 orcpeters@wdmh.on.ca.

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