3 Minutes with the Mayor

3 Minutes with the Mayor

As we transition from winter into spring, we have some incredible residents and groups who take time out of their busy lives each year to participate in community clean up initiatives. Groups, neighbours, and individuals clean ditches, roadsides and parks in their neighbourhoods and keep our communities looking clean and welcoming. We couldn’t be more appreciative for their efforts!

Throughout the month of April, the Township is lending support to these individuals and groups who plan to participate in community clean ups. We have secured gloves and additional garbage bags that will be available at the Township Office for free to ensure your safety and convenience when helping to keep the community clean.

We’re asking residents to let us know when they have done their clean up, the area they cleaned, and a location where they have left the bags. Our Public Works staff will visit those locations and collect the waste and properly dispose of it. Bags of litter can be placed on roadsides, intersections, etc. however, please be sure to leave them well off of the road and sidewalks to ensure vehicle or pedestrian traffic is not impeded.

By having these initiatives completed by April 30th, we can report on the amazing work our community has done to coordinate with the National Day of Action on Litter, which falls on May 14th, 2024. We would love you or your group to share your photos with us on social media so we can recognize our community as ambassadors for a cleaner South Stormont!

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful community that donates their time to these efforts, and we want to ensure they know how much we appreciate them. On behalf of South Stormont Council and staff, we thank you!

For more information about the community clean up initiatives in South Stormont, visit www.southstormont.ca/CommunityCleanUp, or contact our main office at 613-534-8889.

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