Better Training – Because of You

Provided by the WDMH Foundation
Better Training – Because of You
The training manikins offer realistic simulations for the WDMH team. (Photo : WDMH Foundation)

Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) is committed to learning. In fact, it is one of our core values and has been for years. The better trained our health care team is, the better care we can provide. Now, because of our generous donors, three new training manikins have been purchased to support infant, child and adult patient care.

“We are not talking about the mannequins you see on display in store windows. These manikins are so much more!”  explains Kyle Jones, Manager, Education and Project Management. “These remarkable manikins are being used to train staff, physicians, and students by providing realistic simulations of real medical scenarios. These scenarios can be repeated over and over to help with the learning process – giving staff time to practice the skill, think through their care plan, and most importantly, ask a lot of questions.”

So far, 18 staff and physicians have completed the two-day training program. It involves using computer software to create simulations and customize scenarios. In the future, training will also be offered to staff from other area hospitals.

“We know that when our team feels supported, trained, and confident, they are more likely to stay at WDMH,” adds Kyle Jones. “Our teaching programs have helped us immensely with recruitment and retention over the years – for both nurses and physicians.”

“Thank you to everyone who donated to the General Equipment Fund to help purchase this important training equipment,” sums up Foundation Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “We all feel better knowing that giving the WDMH team this education could help save a life one day!”

The total cost of the manikins was $104,750.84.

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