Bikes for Kids rides through Cornwall

Nick Seebruch
Bikes for Kids rides through Cornwall
Sean Squire and Nir Meltzer (centre) hold Kohen Paschek. Kohen's family and friends greeted the two bikers as they stopped in Cornwall during their trek across Canada on Saturday

CORNWALL, Ontario – Nir Meltzer and Sean Squires set out on an adventure on June 2 to bike across Canada in support of research for childhood brain cancer.

They left from Vancouver, BC, and passed through Cornwall on July 8. They hope to finish their journey at Signal Hill, Newfoundland, on July 20.

Throughout their trip they have been raising money for Megan’s Walk, an organization dedicated to raising hope and awareness about childhood brain tumors. Childhood brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer related death in children.

Nir and Sean hope to raise $75, 000 by the end of their journey, on July 10 they had already raised $60, 000.

“Just about every day we meet someone with a unique story,” said Sean. “We are surprised by how many people are affected by brain tumors.”

Nir explained why they were drawn to the cause of Megan’s Walk.

“Having lost my father to brain cancer, I was immediately drawn to Meagan’s Walk and the cause,” he said. “Raising awareness and funds for paediatric brain tumour research has become our greatest pleasure. We are proud to be Meagan’s Walk ambassadors.”

Sean explained that they have received so much support from everyone they have come in contact with along their journey.

“We’ve had a lot of people who have helped us out,” he said. “We’ve stayed in three different fire halls across this trip and we have stayed in people’s homes.”

Nir and Sean have been cycling almost 150km per day on brand new bicycles which they plan to auction off to charity when they’re done.

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