Bingo Palace, casino join forces in Akwesasne

Bingo Palace, casino join forces in Akwesasne
Pictured at the grand re-opening of the Mohawk Bingo Palace

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Mohawk Bingo Palace recently re-opened at its new location, a new 2400 square foot building at the east end of the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino.

“This all started with a dream for a better tomorrow,” said Chief Randy Hart of the St Regis Mohawk Tribe, who was on hand for the opening ceremony. “Leadership promised to ensure that the Mohawk Bingo Palace would be a business of excellence where the customer would come first.”

The Mohawk Bingo Palace is a major contributor to the tribal general fund, said Hart. It provides money and goods and services for members, especially health education and welfare, which are a priority.

Bingo Palace general manager, Emily Lauzon is very enthusiastic about the merger, calling it “a great partnership.”

“I just think it’s beautiful, it’s great to be in a whole new work environment for us,” said Lauzon, about the new building.

“It has been a process to relocate to the new location; a lot of hard work for the transition, but it is worth it.”

With a capacity of close to 600 players, the Bingo Palace continues to have two sessions per day, at 11:30 am and 6:00 pm, with the addition of the new Cosmic Bingo on Saturday night.

“It’s more about the entertainment and the show, said Lauzon. “They play a bit of BINGO in between the light show, with cosmic lighting, DJ and MC, and dancing. There’s a lot of activity that goes on.”

“To bring all the gaming into one location will be a benefit to all our guests with food servers, valet service, and other amenities that they didn’t have at the bingo palace.”

The next step, for the project, which strives to turn the enterprise into a “true resort” atmosphere, will be the grand opening of the hotel which will likely take place by the first week of April.

Approximately 50 jobs have been created by the project, bringing the staff total of the Mohawk Gaming Enterprise to 880, a boost the overall economy in the North Country.

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