Canadian Tire owners get behind Hike for Hospice

Canadian Tire owners get behind Hike for Hospice
From left are Your Credit Union manager Doug MacMillan

CORNWALL, Ontario – The emotion of the moment is still painted in stark detail on Angie Lavigne’s face.

She recently lost her mother Anna Nicolier to a terminal illness, and the pain of the loss is just below the surface.

Anna spent her last days at Hospice Cornwall, and the care which she received is the main reason why Angie and her husband James, owners of the Cornwall Canadian Tire store, have volunteered to co-chair the annual Hike for Hospice.

The fundraiser, which last year netted $48,000, takes place May 5 at the facility on Second Street West.

“It’s a cause that James and I are very close to,” said Angie. “It’s a service that is needed in the community.”

Patients suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer are often moved from hospital or at-home settings to the hospice so they can benefit from round-the-clock care in their final days.

“We got tremendous support and compassion,” Angie continued. “We’re very fortunate to have such a facility.”

James agreed family time at hospice is important for everyone, including the patient.

“It’s a lot more dignified,” he said. “It’s private.”

Your Credit Union Cornwall has agreed to provide $25,000 over five years for Hike for Hospice.

Sandy Collette, fundraising co-ordinator for Hospice Cornwall, said the goal this year is to raise $50,000 during Hike for Hospice.

Registration for the May 5 event takes place at noon, and the hike begins at 1 p.m. It will take place in the Riverdale area of the city and wraps up with a barbecue at 2:30 p.m.

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