Changes to parking fees at Cornwall hospital

Changes to parking fees at Cornwall hospital

CORNWALL, Ontario – If you park your car at the Cornwall Community hospital be prepared for a new fee structure that was recently aproved.

Vehicles parked at the hospital for less than an hour will pay $3 – but if you stay longer than that the parking cost jumps to $6.

Before the changes were announced, motorists paid a flat rate of $5, regardless of how long their car was parked on hospital property.

The hospital will also charge motorists an additional $6 if their vehicle is parked longer than 24 hours.

Visitors will be required to push a button on the entry terminal which will dispense a ticket that must be brought in with them. By taking the ticket out of the terminal, the gate will open allowing visitors to find a place to park their vehicles.

Once they are ready to leave the hospital, this ticket will need to be inserted into one of the pay stations inside the building. The amount will depend on how long the stay was with the minimum being $3.

The pay stations are located on the first floor of the Janet MacDonell Pavilion (JMP) and in the waiting room in the emergency department. They accept cash, credit, or debit cards.

If someone enters the lot and discovers the lot is full, their ticket will allow them to leave without paying provided they leave within 10 minutes.

There will be a grace period of 20 minutes to allow for people to reach their vehicles and leave safely.

Each terminal is equipped with a two-way intercom station linked directly to the security office.

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