City changing its collection rules for mattresses and e-waste

City changing its collection rules for mattresses and e-waste
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CORNWALL, Ontario – Beginning next month new rules are coming in to play that prohibit certain kinds of waste from being disposed of at the curbside in Cornwall.

The city is changing its practices for the collection of electronic waste (e-waste) and mattresses as part of a larger waste diversion initiative, and it won’t collect such things as of Aug. 1. 

“This change is being made to reduce the amount of unnecessary material ending up in the city landfill,” said Nicole Robertson, Solid Waste Supervisor. “It’s also consistent with the city’s long-term strategy to increase our waste diversion rate and extend the life of the landfill.” 

Electronic waste includes televisions, laptops and desktop computers, scanners, cell phones, tablets, monitors, cables and peripherals, audio and video systems, fax machines and the like. Mattresses include any mattress or box spring with a minimum dimension of 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. 

Residents will have a number of options available to deal with the disposal of these items: 


• A designated e-waste container has been established at the public drop off¬ site at the City Landfill. Residents can drop off¬ their e-waste free of charge year round during regular City Landfill operating hours (7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday and 7:30 am to 12 pm on Saturday). 

 • A number of local not-for-profit agencies have established relationships with e-waste processors and they hold periodic special collection days. 

 • Several local electronic retailers have their own take back programs already in place. 


 • Residents and businesses may deliver their waste mattresses to the City Landfill for recycling. Regular tipping fees are being applied ($10 current minimum charge for under 150 kg). 

 • Residents are encouraged to donate mattresses that are in good condition to local reuse centres or negotiate the recycling of their current mattresses when purchasing a new one from a retailer.   

The e-waste and mattresses collected by the City at the Landfill will be recycled through third parties. 

“We would like to thank residents in advance for their cooperation while this new policy is put in effect,” said Robertson. 

Once the changes take effect, a tag and leave system will be used where staff with the collection contractor will tag any unacceptable material at the curb. The tag will inform the resident that the material is not acceptable for waste collection, provide tips for disposal or recycling and list contact info and a website address should they require more information. 

The changes follow recommendations put forward in the City’s Solid Waste Management Master Plan, a comprehensive document that sets out a series of initiatives to help increase Cornwall’s overall waste diversion rate. 

For more information on garbage and recycling programs and the Solid Waste Management Master Plan, please visit the Environment section of the City website ( 

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