City hall readies new zoning rules for medical marijuana facility

City hall readies new zoning rules for medical marijuana facility

CORNWALL, Ontario – If a medical marijuana operation in Cornwall gets city hall’s green light, it may have to follow a new prescription.

The medical marijuana facility will have to conduct its operation completely indoors, on fenced private property with outside surveillance equipment and owners must provide a valid Health Canada licence to municipal officials before beginning work.

The city’s fire department and police services must also be officially notified.

The new rules are included in a litany of provisions that will be discussed Aug. 24 at the next planning advisory committee meeting.

The city’s existing zoning provisions do not contain rules concerning the establishment of a medical marijuana facility.

Such a facility, if it were approved by city hall, would likely be built within the city industrial park.

The city has received four enquiries for commercial medical marijuana production facilities. It should be noted that while hundreds of applications have been made to Health Canada, only a small percentage have been approved at the federal level.

Federal regulations issued by Health Canada came into effect on April 1, 2014 which permits federally licensed commercial production facilities of medical marijuana.

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