City will not have to pay compensation or legal costs to Diane Shay

Nick Seebruch
City will not have to pay compensation or legal costs to Diane Shay

CORNWALL, Ontario – The City of Cornwall announced on Oct. 12 that it had reached a settlement with former Glen Stor Dun Lodge nurse Diane Shay.

As a part of the settlement, both sides have agreed to release all claims on the matter, however, the City will not be compensating Shay or paying for her legal costs.

Shay was seeking $350, 000 in punitive damages and $75, 000 in special damages, plus legal costs from the City. The lawsuit stemmed from harassment she experienced after blowing the whistle on a case of elder abuse at Glen Stor Dun Lodge in 2008.

The City has also agreed not to seek to recover any legal costs of its own from Shay in this matter. In a meeting on June 27, the City decided to file a motion of cost against her in the amount of $15, 000.

In another court case in October 2011, the City of Cornwall pleaded guilty to retaliating against Shay for whistleblowing. In that case it was the City that was ordered to payout $15, 000.

As of July 2016, the City’s total legal cost for defending itself in the second case amounted to $44, 521.15.

Diane Shay’s second lawsuit against the City hit a snag when Judge Rick Leroy ruled that Shay’s statement of claim referred to events too old to be considered in her case and threw it out on those grounds.

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