Cops release photos of suspect who pointed gun during robbery

Cops release photos of suspect who pointed gun during robbery
These images released by Cornwall police show the suspect who robbed a Cornwall Tim Hortons while brandishing a gun.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall police have released photos and a description of the person they say robbed a city coffee shop of cash during an armed robbery Sunday.

The grainy images show a person concealing their face with either a scarf or the collar of a coat.

The description of the individual does not include their gender.

Const. Dan Cloutier said police don’t want to deal in “assumptions” about whether the person is male or female, despite some social media suggestions that the suspect is a woman.

“We really want to focus on their jacket,” he said, suggesting the distinctive pattern of the coat might narrow their search.

Police said the Tim Hortons at the corner of Pitt and Ninth streets was robbed Sunday at around 5 p.m.

The suspect entered the store and brandished a handgun – not a knife as some have suggested – and demanded money from the person behind the counter.

The suspect in the matter is described as 5’4”, thin build and speaking English with no accent. At the time of the incident the suspect was wearing a snow/ski jacket described as having the lower half purple and blue in color, while the top half had a black and white checkered pattern resembling a racing flag.

The suspect was also wearing blue jeans and a black toque with black sun glasses on top of the toque. The suspect left with an undisclosed amount of money possibly making their way towards the Farm Boy parking lot.

If you have information that could assist contact Detective Constable Tommy MacKay of the Cornwall Community Police Service at 613-933-5000 extension 2789 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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