Council officially adopts the 2022 budget

By Nick Laurin
Council officially adopts the 2022 budget
South Stormont Township Council

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – On Wednesday, Nov 24, 2021. South Stormont Council received a 2022 draft budget which represents a 3% municipal tax rate increase. Council for the Township of South Stormont officially adopted the 2022 Municipal Operating Capital Budgets on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021.

The following are some of the capital projects scheduled for 2022:

  • Maloney Road reconstruction
  • Headline Road asphalt overlay
  • Beaver Dam Road asphalt overlay
  • Lakeside Drive reconstruction

To see all the capital projects scheduled for 2022, visit

Beginning in 2021, the Township shifted to a multi-year budgeting process. This multi-year process allows Council to establish a blueprint for spending over multiple years and provides greater predictability. The Council reviews the budget yearly, allowing for amendments and flexibility should priorities shift, or unforeseen circumstances occur.

“We are thankful for the effort staff has put in to prepare a responsible budget that addresses the needs of the municipality, while maintaining an increase significantly below Ontario’s Cost of Living increases over the last year,” said Mayor Bryan McGillis, “While we all wish we could operate without increases, the reality is these projects and services are necessary for our municipality, and gradual and responsible increases are required in order to mitigate those rising costs.”

The 2022 budget represents an increase of $29 to the municipal portion of the annual taxes for a residential property with median Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) assessment of $206,000. This tax increase is dependent on the latest assessment values provided by MPAC, if there was no change in assessment, the increase is 3% over last year’s municipal portion of the tax bill, but if there was a change in assessed value during 2021, the change to an individual’s tax bill may be higher or lower than 3% based on the final value provided by MPAC.

The total tax rate adjustments for residents of South Stormont are not established as of yet. The final tax rate will be available when the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and the Provincial education tax rates are established.

For more information or additional resources regarding the 2022-2024 budget, visit

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