Drumroll Please!

Provided by WDMH Foundation
Drumroll Please!
MC Sam Laprade and Kin Club members Marie Claire Ivanski and Len Tremblay present the cheque to Justine Plummer and Cholly Boland. (Photo : WDMH Foundation)

It was an amazing night in Russell as everyone held their breath awaiting the results of the Kin Club’s Catch the Ace 5.0 lottery. And they weren’t disappointed!

Gigantic cheques were presented to six local charities, including one to the WDMH Foundation for $339,481.78. It includes $23,238.55 from CTA 4.0 and $316,243.23 from CTA 5.0. Wow!

“On behalf of all the patients and their families at Winchester District Memorial Hospital, thank you so much for this incredible donation to the WDMH Foundation. We are so honoured to be one of the beneficiaries of this amazing event,” noted Justine Plummer, Manager of Direct Mail & Events at the gala held on Saturday, September 23rd. “There are so many people to thank tonight and we want to start with the Kin Club of Russell members who have worked so hard to make Catch the Ace the success it is. And, of course, we want to thank everyone who purchased tickets over so many weeks of excitement.”

Funds will go to the Foundation’s General Equipment Fund to purchase equipment such as two new autoclaves used to sterilize operating room equipment and instruments. “Think of them as giant washing machines for our OR,” explained Justine. “With three operating rooms, our sterilizers are used a lot. They are essential for patient safety.”

WDMH CEO Cholly Boland summed up the impact of donations such as this: “Many people are surprised to learn that the government does not provide funding for all the medical equipment that a hospital needs to care for our patients. That’s where all of you come in and I want you to know that you are making a big impact at Winchester Hospital. In fact, because of you – our generous donors – the WDMH Foundation was able to purchase 222 new pieces of equipment last year. That’s incredible. So thank you and please know that donors like you are helping the WDMH team care for your friends and families – close to home! We are so grateful for your support.”

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