Dundas Manor Residents Are Donors Too

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Dundas Manor Residents Are Donors Too
Joan Dunlop, Dundas Manor Resident and Treasurer of the Residents Council (at right) presents the cheque to Foundation staff Jana Barkley (left) and Cindy Ault Peters (middle).

Dundas Manor residents are the best – and they are generous donors too! At its final meeting of 2023, the Dundas Manor Residents Council made a big decision – to donate $1,000 to the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care campaign for the new Dundas Manor.

“It feels good to support the future home of our residents,” notes Dundas Manor resident Joan Dunlop who is also the Treasurer of the Residents Council. “It was an easy decision!”

“Thank you to the Residents Council and all the residents who live at Dundas Manor for this generous gift,” noted Campaign Assistant Cindy Ault Peters. “We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home!” Each year, Dundas Manor residents elect a Leadership Team to lead the Residents Council. These members chair meetings, meet with Leadership to give input and offer ideas to help make their home a better place. All residents can participate – some attend meetings and some send their input along with other residents or staff.

“Our home is very proud of the engagement and support our residents offer at their meetings and when we meet to discuss our home,” sums up Administrator Susan Poirier. “This donation is the icing on the cake and really demonstrates what a wonderful family we have at Dundas Manor.”



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