Farran returning to parks commission fold

Farran returning to parks commission fold

The St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) will be taking over the operation of Farran Park near Ingleside, the agency and South Stormont Township confirmed.

South Stormont and officials with the commission have been in negotiations regarding the operation of the park, and it has been announced the SLPC will be taking over Farran Park operations in April.

“South Stormont is very proud of the job we have done in the operation of the park and campgrounds,” South Stormont Mayor Brian McGillis said. “The township operated this facility for our residents, businesses and the tourists of the region and also provided seasonal employment for several local students. Unfortunately, the SLPC made the decision to take the park back.”

SLPC officials were pleased that the park would be coming back into the fold, following the expiration of a long-term lease agreement.

“The municipality should be proud of the job it has done operating the campground over the past 21 years.  Now that the lease has reached its end and with SLPC in the process of revitalizing the campgrounds, it’s the right time for the SLPC to reassume operation of the park,” said Darren Dalgleish, SLPC general manager and CEO.

Farran Park has been operated by the township for the past 21 years. Former Osnabruck Township re-opened the abandoned park in 1991.

The township, during its 21 years of operations, has completed several enhancements at Farran, including capital projects like municipal water service to the park, a new park play structure, renovations and rehabilitation to park buildings, additional lots both electrical and water, upgraded electrical panels, drainage improvements, continued road maintenance and new signage.

South Stormont continues to lease Lakeview Campsite as a day-use facility from the parks commission. Agreements with SLPC currently under review include the Long Sault Parkway winter maintenance, recreation trail (the Waterfront Trail), Long Sault Parkette and the leasing of the tourist booth at the Long Sault, Moulinette entrance.

“The SLPC is committed to maintaining and growing Farran Park as we reintegrate it into the Commission’s network of parkland.  The camping sector is poised for significant growth and we see a very bright future ahead for Farran,” said Ron Eamer, acting chair of the SLPC.

The parks commission will accommodate current guests and all planned special events at Farran Park, officials said.  The SLPC will “grandfather” the seasonal camping fees and daily campsite fees that were established by the Township in 2011 for the upcoming 2012 season.  Patrons will also be able to access new benefits at other attractions within the parks system.

Effective April 2 Farran Park will be incorporated into SLPC’s online camping reservation system www.StLawrenceParks.com  and can also be reserved through its Customer Service Unit 613-543-4328 (local calls) or 1-800-437-2233.  Sites will be able to be pre-booked for the entire season and the online reservation service will allow for 24/7 service.

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