Forest Blakk releases new single

Nick Seebruch
Forest Blakk releases new single
Forest Blakk.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The musician known as Forest Blakk has released a new debut single "Love Me".

Originally from Montreal, Blakk spent several formative years in Cornwall and SD&G having gone to school in Martintown and Cornwall and his family owned a farm in Glen Roy.

He says he remembers being in Cornwall during a tough time in his life when he was homeless. He remembers going to the Agape Centre for support and food and going in and going to school in town.

Blakk’s relationship with music began at the age of 15 when his grandmother gave him his first guitar. He says that at the age of 21, when he had his heartbroken, he began to pursue ways to express himself musically. He describes how he worked his way up the chain from acoustic nights at different venues, to open mic night’s to joining bands.

Blakk has performed in Calgary and New York amongst many other places and is currently based in Germany.

Blakk explained that his current musical experience with this new single has been few years in the making.

“I wrote the song a few years ago,” he said. “There is such a release when its done.”

Blakk already has plans to follow-up on “Love Me” with another single “I first found you” next month.

He said that right now he will continue to focus on putting out singles before thinking about producing an album, but he said that an album wasn’t out of the question.

“When you have a show, people want something to take home with them so there is still a place for producing albums,” he said.

Blakk told Seaway News he wanted to send out a big thank you to Cornwall.

“It has been such a big part of my musical career and up-brining,” he said. “Cornwall is a rough and tumble town with a lot of hardworking people and great stories.”

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