GET OUT AND VOTE: What you need to know

GET OUT AND VOTE: What you need to know
Casting a vote. Stock photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Monday is election day in Canada, and here are some things you need to know as you head to the polls.

Elections Canada says voters need to prove their identity and address to cast a ballot in person. Voters can bring their information card to avoid delays, but the card isn’t a must.

One piece of ID is enough if it’s a driver’s licence, provincial or territorial identification, or any other government card printed with the name, photo and current address of the owner. Two pieces of other ID can also work, like a passport, library card, or credit card statement, so long as they have a voter’s current address.

A list of acceptable IDs from Elections Canada can also help a voter with questions.

Voters who received an information card in the mail cannot use it solely to cast a ballot – and the cards cannot be used as a piece of ID.

Voter information cards will contain the location of the polling station where ballots can be cast.

You can click here and find out where your polling station is by entering your postal code.


Polls in Ontario are open for 12 hours beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Most employers are required to give up to three consecutive hours for voters to cast a ballot on election day.


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