Glengarry Highland Games 2019 results make history

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By Shawna O'Neill
Glengarry Highland Games 2019 results make history
Drummers marched in unison through the fair (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

MAXVILLE, Ontario – The sound of distant, phantom bagpipes may still be ringing in the ears of those who attended the 72nd Glengarry Highland Games (GHG) from Friday, Aug. 2 to Saturday, Aug. 3 this past weekend.

Whether you were in attendance or enjoying the long weekend elsewhere, many local and out of town Celtic artists and athletes competed in dance, drum, bagpiping, heavy weight competitions and more. These competitors often spend countless hours every week perfecting their abilities, preserving Scottish history at its finest and showcasing it at lavish highland games like our region’s own in Maxville.

The following are some results from the 2019 GHG. More results will be posted on the GHG’s official Facebook page here.

This year marked the first ever year a calculating error was made in the North American Pipe Band Championship results, and The City of Dunedin Pipe Band of Dunedin, Florida was victorious, over The 78th Fraser Highlanders, who actually placed in second. This marked the first year since the 1960’s that an American pipe band won the North American Pipe Band Championships, making for a historic title.

Heavyweight Competition Results

Heavyweight competitions consist of stone throws, hammer throws, sheaf throws, caber tosses and various throws for weight and distance.

Masters Division, Overall Ranking 

1st – Danny Frame, 75 running tally

2nd – Kevin Robinson, 69.5 running tally

3rd – Rev. Dr. Kevin Fast, 59 running tally

Open Professional Division, Overall Ranking 

1st – Josh Goldthorp, 84 running tally

2nd – Robert Young, 70 running tally

3rd – Will Barron, 61.5 running tally

Professional Women’s Division, Overall Ranking 

1st – Morgan Palmer, 73 running tally

2nd – Susie Lajoie, 61 running tally

3rd – Adena Robinson, 59 running tally

North American Pipe Band Championship Results 

Grade 1,
1st – City of Dunedin (combined ens.pref.)

2nd – 78th Fraser Highlanders

3rd – 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel)

Grade 2, Overall
1st – Peel Regional Police

2nd – Worcester Kiltie

3rd – Toronto Police

Grade 3 (MSR)
1st – Guelph (1,2,6,1)

2nd – Fredericton Society of Saint Andrew (9,4,4,2)

3rd – College of Piping (4,6,1,8)

Grade 4 (Medley)
1st – Dartmouth & District (1,1,1,1)

2nd – Durham Regional Police (2,2,3,3)

3rd – Hamilton Police (6,3,2,2)

Grade 5 (March Medley)

1st – Cape Breton University (1,2,3,5)
2nd – London Fire Fighters (2,5,4,2)
3rd – Fredericton Society of Saint Andrew (4,3,6,3)

More results, including highland dancing and professional solo bagpiping, can be found on the GHG Facebook page as it becomes available.

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