Here are the highlights from the South Dundas Council meeting held January 10, 2024

Here are the highlights from the South Dundas Council meeting held January 10, 2024

Matilda Landfill Next Steps

Staff presented Council with an overview of options for the Matilda Landfill, including recommending the utilization of GFL in Moose Creek to dispose of all curbside residential waste, with the earliest start date of March 2024 and at the latest start date of July 2024. GFL provided staff with an estimated tipping fee for 2024 at $74/Metric Ton and CPI increase on the anniversary of the contract. Based on our waste management provider, HGC’s hourly rates, it would cost an additional $10,500 per month or $126,000/year to haul waste to GFL in Moose Creek, instead of hauling to the Matilda Landfill site. Additionally, staff are recommending the elimination of Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional waste at the Matilda Landfill site to preserve capacity.

Other options include engaging HGC in a Material Recycling Facility Service Contract, the design and implementation of a Waste Transfer Station, reducing the bag limit, and a user-pay (pay as you throw) system.

“We should consider any option that will save us money” said Mayor Broad. “Whether it’s the right thing to do or not, we can discuss that. If there is a way to save taxpayers money by changing, even if it’s for eight months, we should talk about it.”

MTO EV ChargeON Program

Council approved eCAMION Inc/Jule to apply to the MTO EV ChargeON program for the installation of public charging stations at the following possible locations: Morrisburg Arena, Morrisburg Plaza, Iroquois Plaza, Iroquois Civic Center, Justice Building, Matilda Hall and the JC Whitteker Park Building. Applying with eCAMION Inc/Jule does not remove the Municipality from applying to MTO directly or with any other 3rd Party organizations. There will be no costs to the Municipality.

Fees & Charges

Council received a report from staff outlining updates to the current fees & charges by-law. The fees and charges by-law(s) identifies the fees proposed for specific Municipal Services and programs. It is generally reviewed and updated by staff annually to ensure that fees are relevant and fair.  Notable updates came from the Parks, Recreation & Facilities department, as well as the Building, Planning and By-law Department, and Fire and Emergency Services. The by-law was approved and is effective at passing.

2024 Williamsburg Sewer Rates

Council directed staff to bring back a by-law to increase the Annual Unit Rate by 34.6%, which will result in $71,559 in billing revenue, which allows for a $24,461 transfer to the Capital Reserve Fund, as Council tries to arrive at the recommended annual contribution of $48,000, as per the Asset Management Plan (2022). Staff will return with a by-law. “I would rather have a healthy reserve to rely on, and if there wasn’t a reserve, the whole debt would be carried by the entire municipality, not just Williamsburg”, said Councillor Ward.

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