History and Heritage at the Cornwall Square

Andrzej Terrence, Special to TC Media
History and Heritage at the Cornwall Square
Gabriele Thomas poses in costume at the Cornwall Square during Saturday’s Heritage Fair. Photo by Andrzej Terrence.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Heritage fair came to the Cornwall Square to celebrate the vast history of the region on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018.

Debbie Ledoux played a major role in putting the fair together by gathering numerous associations throughout the area, including the Akwesasne Genealogy, Dalkeith Historical Society, and the Loyal Orange Association of Canada to name a few.

The fair has been held steadily for 10 years by the work of the Municipal Heritage Committee of Cornwall that is chaired by Marjorie Vallée.

“This year we have fourteen different associations, more than we have ever had in the past, so we are really impressed with the turnout,” said Marjorie Vallée.

Many of the displays showcased the history of Cornwall with its countless buildings and heritage sites.

“I love our community! The fact that this region is literally the founding of Ontario and in many ways the founding of Canada can’t go much deeper than that,” explained Don Smith, the Manager and Associate Curator of the Cornwall Community Museum

The fair was a great way for those who are new to the community or are part of the younger generations to delve into the past.

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