Listening to Our Residents

Provided by Dundas Manor
Listening to Our Residents
CEO Cholly Boland with residents Elaine and Joan. (Photo : Dundas Manor)

What a special week to celebrate our favorite people! Dundas Manor celebrated Resident Council Week in September, taking time to learn, reflect, and celebrate our home’s Resident Council.

Each year, Dundas Manor residents elect a Leadership Team to lead the Residents Council. These members chair meetings, meet with Leadership to give input, and offer ideas to help make their home a better place. All residents can participate – some attend meeting and some send their input along with other residents or staff.

“Our residents, staff, families, and volunteers enjoyed a morning learning about the key role our residents play in operations, how their input is sought and acted on, and how we all work together to make our home the very best it can be,” explained organizer and Activity Programs and Services Director Jennifer Hill.

At the event, there were displays highlighting every part of the Residents Council involvement in the home, including what they must approve, dining and meal input, the Resident Bill of Rights, meeting formats, and the professional association that our home belongs – the Ontario Association of Residents Council.

Administrator Susan Poirier presented all Resident Council Leadership team members with a certificate of appreciation: “Our home is very proud of the engagement and support our residents offer at their meetings and when we meet to discuss operations.”

“I found the morning event very informative and interesting,” noted resident Mike. “I appreciate learning about new things. And finding out how we can give input is very important and makes me feel comforted that my voice matters.”

“That sums up exactly what we set out to do!” said Jennifer Hill.

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