Long Sault set to Walk, Run or Play for Canadian Cancer Society

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By Shawna O'Neill
Long Sault set to Walk, Run or Play for Canadian Cancer Society
A group of supporters of all ages from the community will be attending the Run, Walk or Play event (Brian McRae photo).

SOUTH STORMONT, Ontario – David Smith, South Stormont Deputy Mayor, was diagnosed with cancer just over a year ago. As a way to give back to everyone who helped him throughout his journey, Smith has organized the first ever Walk, Run or Play for the Canadian Cancer Society, taking place on Aug. 24 at Arnold Bethune Memorial Park.

“This event is turning into a huge community event…because of all the locals coming out of the woodwork to be involved. This is the kind of community that we have in South Stormont,” said Smith.

Smith, who is a very recent cancer survivor, feels obligated to give back to other community members who are living with the same sickness that he had.

“I’ve had hundreds of people approach me with their story and how they are survivors and it just blew me away; I never realized how many people have gone through what I’ve gone through. They’re encouraged that there’s an event like this for them to participate in and give thanks in. There’s also a lot of people who have friends and relatives who have gone through it. Some are participating in memory of loved ones…” said Smith.

With supporters and volunteers of all ages ready to attend this year’s event, the turnout is expected to be substantial. All individuals are encouraged to collect pledge donations and may walk, run or play. Walkers and runners will have the opportunity to make their way around a 1 km track at the park between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. At the same time, attendees may play in a volleyball or 3-pitch softball tournament. Smith is also expecting some residents of Woodland Villa to attend with the help of staff.

Around 5 p.m. a separate roast beef dinner will take place in the centre of the park, where participants who purchase a ticket can indulge in food provided by the Lion’s Club and live entertainment from a number of well-known, local impersonators.

Smith hopes the event can become an annual fundraiser and is happy to provided the local Canadian Cancer Society with funds for anything necessary, whether donations go directly to research or assist locals with transportation to treatments. Smith is hopeful that Council members of Cornwall and SDG will attend, as well as anyone in our local communities who want to show their support.

Pledge sheets can be picked up at various locations, including the Canadian Cancer Society, O’Neill’s Pub, Ingleside’s Senior Support Centre, through members of the Friendly Circle Seniors Club or by contacting Smith himself at 613-577-2081 or theknowitallnews@yahoo.ca. Tickets for the highly anticipated dinner can be purchased at O’Neill’s Pub, by contacting Smith or members of the Friendly Circle Seniors Club.

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