New book to arm children with knowledge of predators

New book to arm children with knowledge of predators
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CORNWALL, Ontario – Denis Larose, a local publisher, concedes there has been some work done in the city, in the wake of the Cornwall Public Inquiry, to educate the public on the plague of sexual abuse – but argues it’s not much.

And he further suggests there’s been little if anything official done to speak with children about predators. So he’s publishing a book that speaks to children, in a language they can clearly understand, about ways they can recognize abuse before it happens.

It’s called My Body, My Rules, and is expected to be unveiled for public consumption in December.

There’s already been some significant interest in the book, with about one quarter of the 10,000 he will print spoken for.

“It’s about educating children about what’s right and what’s wrong,” Larose said in an interview. “I want every child who reads it to be able to relate to the story.”

Larose employed some local young people to help with the book’s illustrations. Sophie Marceau, 16, completed the drawing work for the book, while Amber Mallette and Lily Clarke added a splash of colour.

A Vancouver-based design form completed the computerized layout and a local printing form will be running off 10,000 copies of the book in time for a Dec. 16 release.

“As adults it’s our responsibility to put something like this together,” said Larose. “Providing something on this level…I’ve heard form lots of kids and parents who are commenting (positively) on it.”

It took nine months to complete the book.

Local companies are being encouraged to purchase the books, at $3.50 each and Larose will label them with the business name, address and phone number and distribute them to agencies that deal with children.

More books in the series are being planned on topics including bullying and racism.

For more information on the book contact Larose at 613-937-4156 or

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