New Spinning Classes – a party on a bike

New Spinning Classes – a party on a bike
Penny Bruyere

CORNWALL, Ontario – She describes her favourite daily activity as a party on a bike and the best whole body workout you can find – welcome to the world of spinning.

Penny Bruyere, owner of Underground Spinning Studio used to be a runner, until a knee injury made running painful and difficult. In her quest to find an alternate activity that would be easy on her joints, Bruyere discovered spinning. 

“I simply love it,” Bruyere explained. “It is definitely an aerobic workout but is easy on your joints and, you can work at your own pace.  We’ve added music and that gives it a dance flair which we all love – it really is a ton of fun.” 

Spinning has gained in popularity over the last several years and since it is done indoors in a controlled climate, it is a perfect activity during any season. Gone are the days of sitting on an exercise bike pedalling away in front of a blank wall or the TV, the whole time wishing you were anywhere but. Spinning class today challenges participants while making it fun.   

“As Instructor, it is my job to make the class fun and beneficial at the same time. Almost everyone loves music which automatically makes it more fun. The Spinning works your muscles and is a great cardio booster. That translates into better circulation, clearer skin, better cholesterol and sugar levels, and a natural high with the increased endorphins.  It is a great all around activity.” 

Bruyere believes that everyone can participate and enjoy a spinning class, mainly because you can work at your own pace and still see results. Classes are run out of the Summitt Fitness location on Pitt Street North, Monday to Saturday, at various times of the day. If you are not sure it is the right activity for you, try it out by purchasing a Pass Card, good for a specific number of classes but on a random basis. Or you can sign up for a program for a specific length of time. Underground Spinning Studio has worked very hard to create programs that will fit the schedule of almost everyone.   

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