Paramedics need three new ambulances – with a price tag of almost $400k

Paramedics need three new ambulances – with a price tag of almost $400k

CORNWALL, Ontario – It’s going to cost almost $400,000 to replace three aging ambulances within the local EMS fleet.

City councillors will receive a report Monday night that suggests ambulances within the Cornwall and area service last about 4.5 years before they have to be retired from service.

In that time the vehicles, which will cost about $132,000 each this year (taxes included), typically log just shy of 400,000 kilometres.

The report, authored by EMS deputy chief Bill Lister, said the cost of the ambulances will show up within the 2016 budget but in order to save about $10,000 – by way of 2015 prices – the orders have to be filed before the year is up.

“The fleet consists of 14 ambulances. Every year a certain percentage of the ambulance fleet will reach the end of their life expectancy,” Lister said in his report. “It takes approximately four months from the time an order is placed until an ambulance is built and delivered.

“Over the past 15 years the city has contracted with Crestline Coach. This has allowed for consistency in ambulance layout, design, repairs and maintenance.”

The ambulances would be delieverd by next spring.

In a short interview Lister confirmed the cost to replace the ambulances will be shared by both the city (40 per cent) and United Counties (60 per cent).

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