Resident donates 84 acre forest to United Counties of SD&G

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By Nick Seebruch
Resident donates 84 acre forest to United Counties of SD&G
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CORNWALL, Ontario – At their meeting on Monday, Dec. 21, the United Counties of SD&G agreed to accept a donation of an 84 acre forest from a resident, Dr. John Macaulay.

The forest is located just northwest of Martintown in South Glengarry.

In a letter to the United Counties, Dr. Macaulay outlined his reasons for wanting to make the donation.

“My reason for wishing to make this donation at this time is that I am now 90 years of age and no longer physically capable of managing this forested land myself, even with help from available resources,” Dr. Macaulay wrote. “None of my adult family wishes to take on this responsibility. After my death, it is likely that the land would be deforested and the remarkable biodiversity of the land would be lost.”

Dr. Macaulay went on to explain that the land had been in his possession for 50 years and that he used a small part of the land to make maple syrup, but that for the most part it was he, his children, and his grandchildren who enjoyed the land recreationally.

“Some relative good news in this dumpster fire of a year,” said Benjamin de Haan, United Counties of SD&G Director of Transportation and Planning Services. “It is a wonderful and beautiful property. It is a very selfless thought to want to preserve a quality woodland in the County.”

Council was thrilled with the donation.

“I would really like to meet this man and thank him,” said Councillor Carma Williams, Deputy Mayor of North Glengarry.

Councillor Bryan McGillis, Mayor of South Stormont said that the donation highlighted the importance of preserving natural habitats.

“I think it is very important that council supports this motion seeing the amount of forest being clear cutted,” he said.

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