Ribfest expecting a larger profit in 2014: Shorey

Ribfest expecting a larger profit in 2014: Shorey
That's a mighty fine lookin' grill.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall Ribfest is expecting to turn a larger profit in the future, said the event’s co-founder at city hall.

Phil Shorey told members of the city’s community agency budget committee that the $4,000 profit from last year should increase because infrastructure that was purchased over the festival’s first two years can be used again in the future.

Shorey said electrical infrastructure and water hookups are, in many areas, now available where they weren’t before.

Ribfest brought in $128,000 in revenue last year, but shelled out $124,000.

“I just find that to be a very small profit, compared to what I thought it would be,” said Coun. Syd Gardiner, who was assured by Shorey greater profits are likely for the future.

“This year should cover everything we need for the future,” said Shorey, adding some more water and electrical infrastructure will be added for 2014. “We’re hoping to have a substantial increase in profits this year.”

An additional ribber will attend the event this summer, boosting the number of barbecue artists to seven. As well, there will be a little more than 60 vendors at the event this year, up from about 40, said Shorey.

Last year 62,000 people attended the event, despite a rain-out on one day.

“We still had 8,000 people turn up that day,” said Shorey.

Ribfest is looking for about $9,200 in in-kind services from the city, but nothing in the way of hard cash.

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