RONY MACARONE: End the retirement community direction the city has taken

RONY MACARONE: End the retirement community direction the city has taken

EDITOR’S NOTE: Seaway News has reached out to all the candidates running for city councillor in Cornwall to answer questions concerning the future of our city. We are running their answers, verbatim, throughout the campaign in this online series, ‘Ask the candidate’.

1) What do you feel is the top issue a new city council must tackle in the next four years, and how would you go about addressing that issue?

My top issue would have to be setting Cornwall’s goals for the next decades.  I believe our city has much more to offer that a ‘bedroom / retirement’ community. We need to attract young families with efficient transportation routes. More choice post secondary programmes in the arts and information technology.

2) What do you offer, as a city council candidate, that your opponents do not?

I will not maintain the status quo for it’s own sake.  I have the experience and a modern vision for Cornwall that will be attractive to business, tourism & young entrepreneurs.  

3) What needs to change, or remain the same, at city hall to make Cornwall an even more prosperous community?

Firstly, end the retirement community direction the city has taken.  This is a ‘dead’ end, a community needs balance. The young and the old together for a vibrant future to happen.  Young families and youth must have support in a community if you want them to build, be proud and contribute to their Cornwall.

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